Visa Services

Visa Services

It is worth taking the time to double check if you a visa a travel. If you do need a visa, we recommend that you seek the appropriate legal advice in order to ensure that you have the best chance of being issued a visa.

If you are planning to work or study in the United Kingdom and you require a visa, our trusted partners can help! Our partner is a leading immigration law firm based in Mayfair, London. It has expertise in all areas of UK immigration law, with a particular focus on corporate and private business immigration as well as EEA law, human rights and appeals.

The services they provide and the responsibility that it has in assisting clients in often complex and stressful matters been recognised and have added to its standing within immigration law. The immigration lawyers have over 14 years’ experience in providing stellar immigration advice and services in all aspects of immigration law. The Course Lab is proud of the reputation of their partner as one of the best immigration law firms in London and is committed to providing a specialist level of service to all its clients.

Its lawyers are from diverse backgrounds (over 15 different countries) and over 20 different languages are spoken. Diversity is advocated in all areas; this is a method that provides us with the capabilities to be able to expand and network internationally from clients across the globe.

Types of work undertaken: A leading immigration law firm with practice teams in all aspects of inbound UK immigration and nationality law, human rights, and corporate and private individual facilitation. It focuses on providing unsurpassed representation to corporations, professionals, high-net-worth individuals and all those in need of efficient, honest and effective advice.

Its practice areas within immigration law are split into two main divisions (corporate and private client). The corporate teams deal with small and medium enterprises, and also represent many international companies, who require facilitation with relocating overseas branches and their employees.

The private client teams assist individuals in all aspects of immigration advice, whether clients are looking to invest in the UK, start-up businesses in the UK, EEA free movement advice, advice on appeals/representation in the immigration tribunals/courts, nationality and human rights – it provides advice and representation on all areas of UK immigration law.

Our partner excels in providing clients with efficiency, speed, expertise and professionalism in its advice and representation.

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