UK Guardianship


By law, all overseas students under 18 years of age, residing in the UK for a period of 6 weeks or more, with parents who are not residents of the UK are required to have a legal guardian. Neither the school, nor its employees, according to the same law, have the right to be guardians of students.

Guardians must be over 21 years (in some cases over 25 years), a resident of the UK and fluent in English. Many parents think that guardians are only nominal function, however, it is not. Even if parents do not have the language barrier and they possess excellent knowledge of English, still the school in all emergency situations will contact the guardian first.

The Course Lab offers guardianship services for children in the UK.

The duties of the guardian cover all aspects of the students’ life and studies in the UK. They will provide accommodation during the holidays and airport transfers when required. The Guardian will also be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the child will always have direct access to their Guardian. Additionally, the Guardian will regularly visit the school to discuss progress and / or potential concerns with the child’s teachers.

We know and understand that students travel across the world in order to benefit from the world-class education that the United Kingdom offers. As a result, we understand how students might feel being far away from family, friends and their comfort zone. It is for this reason that our Guardians actively try to ensure that the students are happy, healthy and comfortable in their new home.

Our Guardianship services also include the following:

  • Finding the right boarding school according to the child’s needs;
  • Scheduling tests and interviews with education professionals;
  • Gathering all the necessary documents from the school with regards to the UK visa process for, both, the child and their parents (including purchasing of airline tickets).
  • Arranging accommodation for the child and parents at the time of the visit, if required;
  • Organising payments schedule of tuition fees;
  • Arranging health and other insurance;
  • Organising sport and cultural activities during school holidays and weekends;
  • Contacting parents on a regular basis regarding the wellbeing and educational performance of the child;
  • Organising and participation in trips and excursions during his or her school holidays;
  • Advising on further education of the child.

Moreover, we are committed to helping in any emergency situation. The child, as well as parents, is provided with a “support” phone number. Furthermore, when necessary, the guardian is available to see the student in person should it be required. Holding the title of Guardian is a very high responsibility, which we consider paramount over all other duties. The Course Lab is committed to the Safeguarding of all children and vulnerable adults. Let us welcome your child to their new home.

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