Career Services

Career Services

Education is a part of the many steps in the rewarding journey that is professional development. Choosing what professional path to take and how best to present yourself to potential employers can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, here at The Course Lab, we have a number of services to make the transition easier for you.


Internships are a great opportunity to gain the experience needed to enter the professional market. Work placements are a great boost to your CV for numerous reasons. First, it gives you first hand insight to how theory can be put into practice and will give you the chance to use what you have learnt through the years. Second, interning is a great networking activity as you could meet various people within the industry who may prove valuable in your future or simply offer some useful advice. And third, hard work and dedication in your work placement may lead to a viable job opportunity later down the road.

The Course Lab has a wide range of options in different fields so jump into a new world of possibility.

CV Building and Interview Skills

Representing yourself in an appropriate and professional manner is one of the most difficult tasks. Your CV (and cover letter) is your first presentation and, if this is successful, will your foot in the door. Choosing what to say and how to present yourself is vital in progressing to the next stage. At The Course Lab, we have trained professionals on hand to help you prefect your CV and cover letter in order to give you the best chance possible.

Once your successful CV has gotten you face to face with a potential employer, the next challenge begins. But, not to worry, we can help with that, too. The Course Lab professionals can arrange mock interviews where you can practice your interview skills and learn how best to approach those unexpected questions.

Continuing Professional Development

Education is a continuous journey that should never come to an end. In this day and age, things are constantly moving and developing; technology changes on an almost daily basis and trends come and go. If you don’t keep up, you could very quickly get left behind. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is vital for individuals that want to stay in the game and be at the forefront of innovation and development. The Course Lab has a range of CDP courses that can help you keep ahead of the game.

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