About Us

About Us

The Course Lab provides a range of services for individuals looking for a new adventure. These services include Language courses, assistance with university admission and pathway programmed, child guardianship services and career services.

Our mission is to help each individual fulfil their potential and achieve their personal and academic objectives by getting high-quality services in the leading UK boarding schools, universities and language schools. We hope we can help individuals significantly improve their career prospects and give them a competitive advantage. We provide extensive counselling in order to support individuals throughout their journey, starting from choosing the most suitable educational institution and ending with booking a flight to return home.

Our staff

All our employees are qualified experts in their field. Each of them has graduated from university and have years of experience. Additionally, our staff have enrolled in and graduated from universities from across the world. We, therefore, have first-hand experience in the different systems and procedures from different areas of the world. And so, our unique perspective and international experience as well as knowledge of the current environment and future trends allow us to provide comprehensive, personalised service to every student and their parents.

Areas of expertise:

Student safety and happiness is a priority, so we pay our utmost attention to checking on them regularly, helping them whenever they need it and making sure they are fine.

Free professional advice on education in the UK.

Individual approach to each student and help in planning every step of their academic journey, including trip to and from the UK, financial liabilities, and other.

We provide advice on university entry requirements and application process.

We arrange airport transfers and accommodation (student accommodation, homestay, hotel or private rental).

We involve students in sports and recreational activities, including trips around the UK and events that help students learn more about the culture of their new home.

We provide legal guardianship for children who are studying in boarding schools in the UK as well as college students who are under 18.

Vocational guidance and career planning services.

Translation and interpreting services for students and their parents, including transfer negotiations, telephone interpreting and simultaneous translation.

Our partners

We have made it our priority to co-operate only with the most reliable and trustworthy institutions that have an outstanding reputation for consistently delivering great academic results as well as having high standards of student safety and welfare. Our partners in the UK are accredited by the relevant bodies which may include agencies such as the British Council and the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

Company’s location and contact details

Our office is in London, United Kingdom. Our location provides a great advantage as we work with our partners face-to-face on a daily basis and have extensive local knowledge of the education market.